Living Letters

Living Letters

Living Letters is a project that aims to increase engagement with literature throughout the local Canberra community, celebrate Canberrans’ existing love of books, and contribute to the ongoing development of literary and artistic community in Canberra.

Living Letters will involve Cicerone Journal running four free guided workshops over the course of a year. These will take place in a variety of locations (specifics to be determined) such as open-air by Lake Burley Griffin, in cafes, and in libraries.

The workshops will be centred around letter-writing. Despite being somewhat overshadowed this century by digital technology, letter-writing remains a valuable writing form distinctive for its mutability, its character, its physicality and its creative potential. We would like to help explore and celebrate it.

Each workshop will feature a guest speaker – a local female Canberra writer or artist – who will discuss topics such as their favourite works, their reflections on writing, and their thoughts on different, creative, malleable writing forms, including letters. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to interact with their favourite books by writing letters as or to a character they are interested in, or addressed to their favourite authors. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their writing with others and to share works of literature important to them.

Following the workshops, we aim to create small displays which will showcase the products participants have created (likely at a local library or small exhibition space). These displays will celebrate Canberrans’ favourite books as well as help highlight books which may not normally receive much attention.

Cicerone Journal would like to thank and acknowledge YWCA Canberra for their funding of this project through the Great Ydeas Creativity Grant.