Cicerone Journal is an online journal publishing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, founded in Canberra in 2018. We aim to publish three issues each year.

We appreciate your interest in Cicerone Journal and hope you’ll consider contributing your work.


Cicerone Journal is a Canberra-based publication that seeks to encourage an open curiosity about the world in a socio-political climate of disconnection and disenchantment. We aim to publish writing that is exploratory and thoughtful, and new and unusual.

A cicerone is a guide who shows and explains the antiquities or curiosities of a place to strangers. Derived from the Roman orator Cicero, the name cicerone was originally given to learned Italian antiquarians, whose services were sought by visitors seeking information about the antiquities of a place. Cicerone suggests curiosity, a willingness and desire to encounter and understand the unknown.

Cicerone Journal is interested in shaping contemporary discourses, particularly around the place of the marginalised experience and voice. We seek to define political radicalism by values of empathy, kindness, openness, gentle curiosity and thoughtfulness.

We highly encourage submissions from writers for whom English is not their first language but who have a story to tell.



Copyright of all material published in Cicerone Journal remains with the author. Works cannot be reproduced without permission.


Works published in Cicerone Journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or the publisher unless otherwise stated.

Other Information

We do not accept previously published work.

We regret that at this time we are unable to pay contributors. We are working towards being able to do so in the future.


For any further information, please contact us at contact@ciceronejournal.com