Thinking about you

Photo credit: Sandra Renew 2020 

Hi Sly JKS, 

So pleased to see your tag again. The last time I knew you were around was up near the  roundabout on the power box a couple of months ago. Glad you made it through the corona  virus lockdown ok. I was worried. Not sure if you have a good place to social distance in, or  wash your hands enough, or even if tag artists take that kind of thing seriously. I’ve seen  your tag around for a year or so, which means you are not too far away. That one on the  wall of the storm drain was a beauty, but it has been painted over. Probably by the Job  Seeker crowd doing community work for their pandemic payment. 

But this tag is new and fresh, so I think you must be out and about and feeling pretty good.  And have made it through. Good to see a familiar presence again on my morning walk. It’s  been a bit lonely at the house with no visitors allowed and only saying a quick hello to the postie (who has a new electric bike now, have you seen them?…no warning that they’re on  the street so I have to be a bit nippy to get out to the box in time). 

It was a bit of a shock to be lumped in with the ‘nearly dead’ by the US President, but we  have to stay up-beat I think, look for the good things in life. We’ll be dead long enough. I check the ‘heaven spot’ at the top of the water tank back of Hackett sometimes to see if  you’ve been back there. And I’m glad you haven’t. It’s far too dangerous. Crumbling  slippery, too high. Nothing to hold on to. 

Also, a heads up if you have any wet-cement-art mates…there are new footpaths being laid  in Watson at the end of May, an infrastructure project to keep Canberrans working through COVID-19. If you keep an eye out there will be lots of pristine wet concrete available…tabula rasa, so to speak…and it’s a pity to just leave it to the kids on bikes to make a mark. 

Looking forward to your next tag, stay safe, wash your hands,  

Public servant (retired)

Sandra writes poetry and short form prose and is recently published in Shuffle: An Anthology of Microlit (Spineless Wonders 2019) and was a finalist for the 2018 joanne burns Microlit Award. She also has a poem in The Australian Prose Poetry Anthology (eds) Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton 2020.