Land of Smoke and Ash

by Brianna Udovisi

Fire spits as Crow soars the ash soaked sky. 
Crow cries as sparks fly.
Fly away from here.
Before the smoke is too thick to hear.

Emu runs, dust flies.
Over burnt leaves, crying high.
Ash coated feathers, fear filled eyes.
Feet like thunder as the Magpie flies.

Fox whips through trees, bravery forgotten.
Through burnt fields of cotton.
Red coat alight with flame.
Hot coals underfoot, paws sear with pain.

Dingo barks, the fire blooms closer.
No time to breathe, smoke clings to fur.
Golden fur as black as night.
No more to see but a deadly sight.

Kookaburra wails as he flees the charcoal mess.
Swallowed by the flames, a twig nest. 
Flames lick the air, taste his wing.
In the distance a bell goes bing.

Koala crunches through the leaves.
Fire chortles, he must leave.
Muzzle dry, fur brittle.
Ears pricked, paws little.

Kangaroo flees, Joey in pouch.
No time to rest on the bloodied couch.
Dead friends scatter the blood scorched earth.
Goodbye my friends, a wasted birth.

Sirens ring, blood spoils.
Things in red, the cauldron boils. 
Steam rises, flames flicker.
The flame and water bicker.

The ground dry.
The horses cry.
Leaves crunch, leaves fly.
Into the ash soaked sky.

Brianna Udovisi was born and raised in Canberra where she continues to spend her hours writing and continuing her education. When she is not writing, she can often be found dreaming of the impossible. This is her first published piece.