Loose Ends

by Madeleine Johns

I am a ball of wool.

As I grow numerous ends of wool escape from my tightly woven centre and tie themselves to those I love.

Years of conversations, friendships and relationships are tied into me. My wool connects with my family and friend’s wool, our ends knotted tightly together, wrapping layer upon layer and winding tighter the closer we are until our threads cannot be distinguished from each other’s.

Threads connect us all so that even when we are apart we are still aware of each other, feeling the soft tug of our woven yarn moving together.

Soft, warm cashmere wraps around my heart, beating in time with my blood, and pulls on my heart strings when I’m happy and surrounded by those I love.

Frayed ends appear and taut threads pull away from each other when angry words and misunderstandings occur. Split ends and unravelling begins.

But once the tension leaves the wool softens and reaches out small tendrils again. Softly, slowly, twisting and growing towards each other, pulling each other close and covering over the frayed edges once more.

Each friend and family member has their own thick thread that leads directly from my centre and joins with theirs.

Acquaintances have a small thread, a thin strand from which we connect briefly, then let go and curl back into my woven core.

I am a ball of wool, amidst a world full of threads, but my yarn is tied tightly to those I love, anchoring me down so I am never lost within the vast sea of loose ends.

Madeleine Johns is a local Canberran, a writer and an obsessive reader. She is in a never-ending battle to own enough bookshelves to fit all her books. If she’s not writing, you’ll find her reading (most likely with a cup of tea, and a cat on her lap!).