Issue 6 Editorial – “Variety”

This issue has been a long time in the making! Thank you to our writers and readers for your patience as we brought Issue 6 of Cicerone Journal to publication. For Issue 6, we knew we wanted to focus on nonfiction by women and femme-aligned non-binary writers, supported by our funding partnership with YWCA Canberra. […]


by Alexandra O’Sullivan

Not Very Quiet – a Q&A with the journal’s founding editors

Not Very Quiet was an online journal for women’s poetry that published writing from 2017 to 2021. Its editors and contributors were (and still are) actively present in the Canberra writing community. We interviewed the three founding editors of Not Very Quiet – Moya Pacey, Sandra Renew, and Tikka Wilson – to learn more about […]

Issue 5 Editorial – Curious Worlds

Issue 5 was a first for Cicerone Journal in a number of ways: it was the first time we had done a genre-specific issue; it was the first time we had brought in a new editor since the journal began in 2018; and it was the first time we were able to obtain funding to pay contributors for our regular issue, after enthusiastic responses to our Canberra Anthology and Living Letters projects.