Ten Thousand C.C.’s

by Margaret Pearce He was a macho manWith speed man dreams.He darned his leathersWith barbed wire seams. He parted his beardOn the outside laneAnd cleaned his teethWith the sprocket chain He lusted for the bikeOf his speed man dreams.Double carburettorsAnd twelve thousand c.c.’s He needed his buttOn a bike with goFor an engine with gut.He’d […]

Flow and Ebb

by Chris Collins On the narrowboat in England,I measured every dropWe timed our teethJust a dash –Quick rinseFluid flashThen stop. Every drop poured offHurtLike blood drained.And conservative cleaning: wincingAt each ticking drip –FlinchingAt each plughole puddleIn visions of floods and flowsAnd eddy swirlsRetreating. We’d watch the boat unbalance –Thrust its nose in the air,Disdain the […]